The Best Primary School in Mangalore offers an international education programme that is typically used by young learners aged 5-11 years available in primary schools all over the world. It places a lot of emphasis on inquiry and application-based education and allows for the use of interdisciplinary or theme-based approaches to teaching. This helps students learn together and broaden their perspectives. It helps young learners become confident, responsible and reflective..

TBA School’s primary grades are lively, full of excitement and filled with children who are eager to learn. Pre-school children are also making their first steps into primary school. We continue to offer a nurturing, stimulating, safe, caring and friendly environment for them to flourish. You will find children who are excited about what they learn in every classroom.
The purpose of our educators is to nurture curiosity in every child. They encourage them to question, explore, and reason with respect. Students are encouraged to become independent thinkers.
Our curriculum and method of teaching and learning allows children to expand their knowledge and provide a platform for the development of essential skills such as inquiry, creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration.
Each subject has its own Cambridge Primary curriculum framework. It includes English, science, and mathematics. This provides a clear teaching structure.
Cambridge Primary Checkpoint
The Cambridge Primary Checkpoint exams are conducted at the end Grade 5 , which is the end of Cambridge Primary. Each learner receives both a certificate of achievement and a diagnosis report after the tests are scored in Cambridge qualifying to Cambridge Lower Secondary.
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