The best Montessori preschool in Mangalore with a blend of curriculum from the Montessori and the Waldorf model. It is continuous and offered at the pace at which each child learns. Our teachers are experienced and passionate about their work and this passion infuses their teaching; the children learn from teachers who care about their education and believe in the Montessori method.
The MONTESSORI method encourages a child to enjoy the process of learning. It does not introduce the competitive drive of other curricula and yet leads each child to develop their full potential. The ‘failure to keep up’ approach is avoided; thorough observations by the teachers indicate the appropriate moment to introduce the next activity for each child. The art is to give the child an exercise which is challenging but within their capabilities so that they are stimulated without the fear of failure.
Montessori Highlights
Special Montessori materials are available for five areas:
Children are encouraged to play outside and participate in extracurricular activities such as drama, cooking, and yoga. Elements have created a winning formula to implement the Montessori method of education. This ensures that children are prepared for their next school.
As the children move through school, Montessori is integrated with mainstream practices. Montessori education’s fundamental philosophy that each child is an individual and deserves individual attention, is ensured in every approach. Every child’s strengths and weaknesses are constantly assessed. Each child receives individual education that focuses on helping them improve their weaknesses and build on their strengths.
Respect for the environment as well as for one another is the central theme of the school for all children.
To nurture the development of compassion and empathy through creativity, we have developed an environment where children can explore and experiment, and work together with artistic and creative endeavours of their own, while at the same time gain an understanding of warm fellowship and community awareness.
Children thrive in a nurturing and safe environment. Small class sizes allow each child to grow at their own pace and receive the right amount of encouragement and challenge. We offer Montessori training to parents and others who are interested in learning more.
The WALDORF approach to education is developmentally appropriate, experiential, academically rigorous. The WALDORF method integrates arts in all academic disciplines for children starting in preschool. This includes a focus on well oriented physical activity in the first three years, imaginative play in the middle years of early childhood, and later a more cognitive approach to learning.
It is our belief that initiating creative learning at an early age encourages imaginative thinking throughout childhood and beyond, and also encourages the child’s understanding of other people.
In creative play, the child has an opportunity to adopt roles which awaken their awareness of the feelings of others, thereby introducing the child to the concept of empathy and compassion. Additionally, giving a child access to creativity not only enhances their communication skills but also lays the groundwork for the development of problem-solving and reasoning skills.
A combination from both Waldorf and Montessori may be the perfect blend of Yin and Yang for parents and children particularly in the early childhood years. With this in mind, we offer the best out of each system and guide the child’s unfolding, regardless of their preferred education system.
Creativity is fostered in children by their environment. At TBA elements, our job as adults is to keep the environment interesting by providing, alongside the Montessori equipment, creative experiences and materials that will capture the child’s curiosity. We see the child as an individual and through sensitive monitoring of each child our hope is to further their development by cultivating their creative ideas.
While both Montessori and Waldorf schools believe children need a connection to the environment, they are different in that Montessori focuses on real-life experiences and Waldorf emphasizes the child’s imagination and fantasy. So, we firmly believe that with all the best practices in place, we are able to offer the best Montessori preschool in Mangalore for the little ones.
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