The Bharath Academy is a learner-centered community that encourages its students to fully engage in school life and helps them on their personal journey. We encourage positive and respectful relationships both within and outside of our community.

Managing Trustee

Managing Trustee

”The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled”. These were the words, my grandfather Dr. TMA Pai (founder of Manipal) believed in and was the inspiration for me to get involved in the field of education.

When my family was setting up The Bharath Academy (TBA), I was of the firm conviction that we should create an environment for children to thrive. TBA is all about learning 21st-century skills. It’s about learning a concept rather than just rote memorization. We are focused on developing core skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, communication and leadership qualities. I also believe that every child is unique and, with the right stimulation, they can evolve as healthy individuals ready to take on the universe in their stride.

All in all, education is a process more than an outcome. It is to this journey that we stay committed.
Dr. Vindhya is a mother to 4 young children, a Dermatologist and an Educationist.
The Bharath Academy came into existence as a result of the exemplary vision of our trustees who wanted to start an institution that would focus on all-round holistic development of children, a place where they would learn how to think, not what to think.

Every single day we are keeping that vision alive, we are guiding our students to become life-long learners and to be curious about their surroundings. We are doing our best to give them real-world experiences so that they become active participants in the exciting changes that are taking place everywhere. Our dedicated teachers are ensuring that we equip every child with the necessary skills by which he or she will not just succeed but indeed thrive in this fast- changing environment of the 21st century.

Let me assure you that here in The Bharath Academy, your children can literally be anything and everything that they aspire to be.
We live today in a world which is changing at an accelerated pace. It thus makes it necessary to equip our learners with the challenges of the upcoming times and make them future-ready. This definitely calls for a change in the field of education. Schools no longer are mere temples of learning. At The Bharath Academy, we understand that school is the preliminary ground where our students experience life at close quarters before venturing out into the world. It is here that they learn social skills, learn to face challenges, create success stories and acquire life skills. It is here that we empower our children to transcend beyond the classroom into the real world, building experiences, forging steps forward and weaving dreams for the future.
At The Bharath Academy, learning is a joyous journey. It sparks from the student’s curiosity and is student-centric. It’s interspersed with the innocence of childhood, the frills of adolescence and life lessons in advanced years. Our students carry vibrant personalities and have as much to share as learn. We put in great effort to ensure that their journey is laced with myriad opportunities and interesting challenges.

A committed, caring management interspersed with caring teachers and equally supportive parents is what defines TBA. Teamwork is our hallmark and we look forward to chisel new groundbreaking paths in the field of education. It is here that we ignite minds and provide wings to the dreams of our learners.

Thus, it is inevitable that we look to pave the way for future leaders, innovators and visionaries who will carve a new world and make our country proud.
It is with immense pleasure and boundless enthusiasm that I extend a warm welcome to you and your little ones to the vibrant world of TBA Elements. Our campus is not just a place of learning; it is where nature and education harmoniously coexist. Lush gardens, inviting play areas, and creatively designed classrooms form the backdrop for your child’s educational journey.

Our team of dedicated and joyful teachers are the heart of our preschool. They bring an infectious passion for teaching, turning every lesson into an adventure of discovery. Their commitment goes beyond textbooks, encouraging hands-on experiences that invite children to explore, create, and learn beyond the confines of a classroom.
At TBA Elements, we understand the importance of a balanced education. Alongside academic excellence, we offer a rich tapestry of extracurricular activities that nurture a well-rounded development. From art and music to sports and nature walks, every activity is a thread in the fabric of your child’s holistic growth.

We believe that learning is a two-way street, and open communication between parents, teachers, and staff is vital. Together, we form a collaborative community, working hand-in-hand to ensure that every child flourishes in our nurturing environment.

We invite you to navigate our website, where you’ll find detailed insights into our programs, a glimpse into the wonderful experiences that await your child, and resources to support you in this journey. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for choosing TBA Elements as the starting point for your child’s educational adventure. We eagerly anticipate embarking on this remarkable journey with you!
While most schools are focussed on grade-based outcomes and competitive teaching strategies, at The Bharath Academy we encourage students to experience and learn, not study and forget. The Cambridge Curriculum helps us in delivering a well-rounded and holistic education that will make your child ready to face the world beyond; and equip them with the right tools required to succeed.
We guide students to become life-long learners who don’t stop asking good questions and solving problems once the last bell rings and real life begins. We encourage questions, not just grades; focus on learning, not just exams; and help your curious child throughout school life and beyond it. We personalize your child’s education and focus on delivering real-world learning experience. Our approach offers academic excellence, fosters courage, generosity, imagination and empowers your child to emerge as a leader in tomorrow’s world.
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