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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”- Nelson Mandela

Things to Look at Before Choosing a Preschool for Child

Things to Look Before Choosing a Preschool for Your Child

Thinking of choosing the right preschool for your little one? Well, you are not alone – many parents feel anxious when they begin to consider various options as they want only the best schooling environment that will nurture their child’s development. Choosing a good preschool requires careful research and comparison of different schools, understanding what kind of education style is most beneficial for your child, and looking at other important factors too. Read on for tips on how to make sure you pick out the perfect fit for your kid!

What Parents Should Look For When Choosing Preschool

You can pursue certain steps to finalize the preschool or schools in Mangalore for your child. It will include researching the vital aspects of a preschool.

Study Your Preschool Option

Thanks to Google, it’s now a breeze to review the preschools and schools in Mangalore. By exploring the schools located in your desired vicinity, you can see which best suits all of your needs. Peruse the glowing reviews and accolades from satisfied parents. Distinguish truthful reviews from false ones to gain an accurate understanding of the preschools in Mangalore.

Do a Physical Inspection

Before deciding on the school for your child, you must take a physical tour of the facilities. This will provide an excellent opportunity for you to observe what is available and get a feel for their teaching methods. Additionally, engaging in dialogue with faculty members can also give insight into their approach and methodology.

Check The Credibility Of the School

A school’s prestige and reputation are only achieved through reliable instruction, high-quality education standards, and the support of satisfied parents. Attempts to deceive or exaggerate can never bring about lasting success; it is a genuine commitment to excellence that will win the hearts -and trust- of society.

Check The Distance

When selecting the perfect preschool for your child in Mangalore, it is wise to keep the distance between home and school top of mind. Most schools already provide transportation services, yet opting for a nearby nursery can bring peace of mind that you’ll never have to worry about long commutes or unexpected delays.

Quality Of Teachers

The excellence of teachers is the key factor that sets one preschool apart from the rest. Teachers who are skilled and compassionate have the power to cultivate strong values in their children. It is often said that a child’s education during their formative years serves as the building blocks which will shape them for life. The knowledge they acquire in those early days will become the cornerstone of all future success. Teachers play an irreplaceable role in your child’s future success.

Why Choose The Bharath Academy For Your Child

The International schools in Mangalore have attained the image of a premier international school in Mangalore through a set of exclusively formulated quality assurance objectives we follow. Those are:


Instilling children with the values of inclusivity, and respect for all identities and religions will help them grow into exceptional human beings. Through education on unity in diversity, children can learn to accept and embrace others without prejudice. Ultimately, the children will develop into individuals with a wide viewpoint on the world. This gives them an advantage in any phase of life and ensures their success.

Ethics in Life

We are devoted to instilling virtue in our children so that they will become individuals of valuable integrity. Our education system is designed to foster and encourage the noble values in a child’s perception, mindset, and actions; which will ultimately lead them toward achieving great things through honest means.


An individual with uncompromised character, integrity, dependability, and positive ambition is embraced by the world. These qualities will empower them to attain their ambitions and become valued associates of any organization they represent. We guarantee that our students in The Bharath Academy preschool are equipped with these remarkable traits which shall foster their determination towards achieving their dreams.

You may talk to us to have detailed knowledge about our teaching methodology, curriculum, school infrastructure, and other relevant matters.

To discuss preschool in Mangalore, contact us now.

Common FAQ

What is the best age to start preschool?

The best age to start a preschool is 2.5 to 3 years old

What should parents look for when choosing a preschool?

  1. Study Your Preschool Option
  2. Do a Physical Inspection
  3. Check The Credibility Of the School
  4. Check The Distance
  5. Quality Of Teachers

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