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Testimonial 1

Testimonial 2

“The school is located in an ideal scenic location equipped with very well trained teachers and staff. The Ratio of teachers to students is 1:20 which is the best in town”.  –

Rohan Raj

Testimonial 3

Testimonial 4

My son is 2.5 years and we have put him to TBA , which is the best decision. The teachers are so warm and kind. They come up with such innovative & incredible activities for kids. It’s such a blessing for us parents that our kids learn , have fun and mingle with others in such a great environment. It’s a very tough job and yet they handle it with so much ease & love. They keep us informed about the child’s activities and good qualities on a daily basis, which makes me feel so happy at the end of the day. Thank you TBA, thank you Anjana mam (The Principal) & the entire team for all the support , hard work & dedication 🙏

Pallavi K

Testimonial 5

Testimonial 6

A wonderful place for a child to grow. The teachers are kind, considerate and skilled at their jobs. The school’s vision of wholistic development is what the 21st century needs. Initiatives run by the school have had great impact on their students.

Gagandeep B

Testimonial 7

Firstly, the ambience is so amazing. This school really emphasises on the overall development of a child, irrespective of written exams! Having met and interacted with the faculty at TBA, I confidently recommend this institution to our budding leaders. The creativity be it in how lessons are taught in college, or even thir partnerships with creative organisations, everything is on par with international standards. Can’t wait to see the firat batch of alumni make this school proud!

Ananya Bangera

Testimonial 8

They let kids be kids, glad there’s no rat race amongst kids. Very understanding teachers, they give ample attention to kids and their development. One of a kind school in Mangalore.

Manjeeth Shenoy


Testimonial 9

Aarav loves his school very much . He enjoys doing all the activities and loves his teacher and his friends. I can see a lot of improvement in Aarav’s behaviour and hope to see more . Overall very good school we are very happy Aarav is going to this school

Akhila Shetty

Testimonial 10

There is tremendous improvement in Krishna’s social skills. The teacher had indicated to me that his vocabulary and his speaking ability has to be improved which she has put in lots of effort and has drastically improved. I love the fact that he is able to mingle with others. Overall I am loving his growth and a big thank you to the teacher and the various activities TBA elements conduct.

Pallavi Koodur & Sharath. R

Testimonial 11

Kshiti has always been an avid keen learner from before. Bharath school has continued in providing her with the opportunity to refine her skill in all aspects of academics and extracurricular activities. She looks forward to going to school everyday and really misses classes on Saturday’s too. I appreciate the sincere efforts of her teachers who are giving their best in training her. She loves reading, writing, colouring, singing which are all nurtured here. I hope to see more such activities . Thank you 

Kshiti (M2)

Testimonial 12

Sarang had always been a very active kid from the beginning, but what was lacking was a few discipline qualities and basic routines which were missed in his everyday life. Bharath school has immensely helped him in the growing stage of his life in terms of education, discipline, and knowledge on several topics which have been taught on a day to day basis. Most importantly we are glad to choose this school as there is absolutely no pressure in terms of academics. I am so happy to choose one of the best schools in Mangalore for my son. Thank you 


Testimonial 13

We have seen Samarth doing very well in his academics, extra curricular activities, social interactions, sports ets. The best part about the school is the teachers and their  team , they manage it very well and special thanks to the teachers. Now we found that enrolling our child with TBA was a good decision. The school is exposing the children to the open world by conducting field trips, school activities, exhibitions, seasonal functions, dance, yoga, athletics etc. This builds the sense of confidence among the children. The school allows the children to grow strong and make the child confident. We are very happy with our decision to get associated with the school. Thank you so much and also wish wishes on your future goals and visions.


Sanad & Madhura


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