At The Bharath Academy, we believe that healthy eating habits help children perform better academically. Hence, we are committed to providing healthy snacks and beverages that provide the right calories for your child to stay active and attentive throughout the day. All foods and beverages sold at school during the day are required to meet the highest nutrition standards. Our food services at school provide a varied menu throughout the week. Nutritious, delicious meals and adherence to mealtimes is the focus at our academy.


Practice good table etiquette

Present an opportunity for students and the faculty to bond over a good meal

Varied and appealing menu to cater to all tastes

Hygienic cafeteria

Snack Timings

When we eat is just as important as what we eat. And so, we follow a fixed meal time to provide the kind of discipline a growing body needs in order to be healthy. Our meal timings are as follows:


10:30 AM


01:00 PM

Learning Lab

03:00 PM