Program Model

The program model at The Bharath Academy is based on 4 program elements that are listed below. All our program elements are interdependent and are utilized in a way that ensures an efficient program model in order to meet the needs of our students, educators and administrators.


To prepare for Quality Education.

Identify what students should learn and do in the program.

Determine how to measure what students have learnt and done.

Using tools to provide instructions in regard to the strategy.


To ensure the success of students

To check if the intention of a program is understood by students and teachers alike

Analyse strengths and gaps and provide feedback and personalized education

Intervene and enrich


To implement the strategy formed

Provision of a high-quality learning & teaching environment for students and teachers respectively

Provision of high-quality learning practice and establishing roles of teacher and students

Provision of accomplished mentors for students


For continuous improvement, reflect on what worked and what did not

Adjust strategy, implement, and monitor accordingly

Celebrate and share success

Our Program model is designed to facilitate Student-Centric Learning which helps us aim for and achieve exceptional academic performance, coupled with the highest levels of teacher, student and parent satisfaction.

Student-Centric Learning

We believe that every child is different in their skills, understanding and capacity. Hence, our curriculum respects and embraces these differences. Our student-centric learning methodology ensures that each student has the time and space to learn concepts at their own pace. The whole class is not forced to stay on the same page and rote learn to keep up. Our teachers are also more comfortable with changing their leadership style from directive to consultative — from “Do as I say” to “Based on your needs, let’s co-develop and implement a plan of action”, for each student.