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Dr. Vindhya Pai, MD

”The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled”. These were the words, my grandfather Dr. TMA Pai (founder of Manipal) believed in and was the inspiration for me to get involved in the field of education.

When my family was setting up The Bharath Academy (TBA), I was of the firm conviction that we should create an environment for children to thrive. TBA is all about learning 21st-century skills. It’s about learning a concept rather than just rote memorization. We are focused on developing core skills like critical thinking, problem solving, communication and leadership qualities. I also believe that every child is unique and, with the right stimulation, they can evolve as healthy individuals ready to take on the universe in their stride.

All in all, education is a process more than an outcome. It is to this journey that we stay committed.

Dr. Vindhya is a mother to 4 young children , a Dermatologist and an Educationist.

Edu Circle

TBA School Principal

TBA principal- Mrs Surekha

As Swami Vivekananda rightly said “Education is the manifestation of perfection already existing in man”, we at The Bharath Academy bring out the potential skills of every child based on his/ her interest towards learning. The focus is to create a learning environment for the young minds, empower them to learn with confidence and freedom so as to make the educational platform enjoyable and applicable to the horizons of real life experiences. Read more

TBA Preschool Principal

Anjana Kamath

Children, born pure, are natural promoters of love and peace, and the role of the parent here is unmistakable. Let me throw some light on this. The background and early exposure of a child affects all stages of their developmental process. The first six years is the stage of the Absorbent Mind – the sponge-like capacity to absorb from the environment what is necessary to create an individual from his or her specific culture. Read more


Mrs Divya Nayak

Greetings! My name is Mrs Divya Nayak. I received a BSc in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics & Master’s degree in Business Administration from Mangalore University. After graduating in 2004, I moved to Europe, North America and Middle East before settling down in my hometown, Mangalore. I have worked in varied roles from Teaching to Administrative in Corporate, Education and Healthcare sectors in the UK.

I am extremely passionate about raising standards by extending and enriching the curriculum so that the children are continually stimulated and strive to achieve. I am very interested in learning the best way to teach children how to learn and seek to hone my craft with the best research-based teaching practices and classroom management procedures. 

Ms. Armita Shetty

I am Mrs. Armita Shetty qualified as a BA, B.ed teacher having an experience of 18 years in the profession of teaching.  I chose this profession because I love spending time with children and in return it just doesn’t limit upto a teaching session but rather turn out to be learning from both the ends. The time spent with kids at class makes me happy and puts out my stress. Teaching to me is not just a profession but it shaped me to be a better person and a friendly mother too.

Ms. Venisa Reshma Jathanna

My name is Mrs. Venisa Reshma Jathanna. I am from Mangalore. I have done my B.Ed in English and Social studies. Presently pursuing my M.A(English Literature). I have an experience of 13 years in education field. I am passionate about my career and always aim to share my knowledge with students. My interests are reading novels, music and travelling.

Ms. Deeksha Karthik

My name is Mrs. Deeksha Karthik, born and brought up in Mangalore. A MCA/BCA, B.Ed. graduate with over 4 years of teaching experience. I chose to be a teacher because I believe that no work can be more rewarding than that of a teacher who helps in shaping the young minds. Being a teacher unfolds a new learning experience for me each day. I love teaching because at the end of every class not only I have shared some of my knowledge, but I have also learnt something.

Savitha - TBA

Ms. Savitha

I am Ms. Savitha Fernandes, a BA graduate with D.Ed from JSS Institute , Mysore, having 8 years of teaching experience in primary school . I am fortunate to be associated in the field of education which enables me to help the young minds learn and grow intellectually .Working with the primary children always makes me cheerful and keeps me energetic throughout the day . My strengths are my humble and soft approach toward others. I am interested in sports, music and dance . Happy to be a member of the TBA family and keen to enhance my skills by learning new things whenever I opportunities.

Ms. Karen Sunitha Correa

My name is Mrs. Karen Sunitha Correa, a B.Com. graduate and a Montessorian from IMTC (Indian Montessori Training Centre) with 10 years experience as a Primary Teacher, who is energetic and passionate to inspire young minds and committed to ensuring that every child achieves their potential. Develops and fosters the appropriate skills and social abilities to enable the optimum development of children, according to age, ability and aptitude.

Manasa TBA

Ms. Manasa

My name is Miss. Manasa. I am from Mangalore. I have completed my BBA in SDM college Mangalore in the Year 2018-19. I am also a Classical Dancer, a disciple of Guru Smt. Prathima Shridhar and Guru Shri Shridhara Holla in a dance school Bharathanjali(R), Mangalore. I have completed my Vidwat in Classical dance. I am very passionate about my dance career and love to teach dance to the students.

Santy- TBA

Ms. Santy Krishna Rajan

I am Santy Krishna Rajan. I have over 9 years of teaching experience at multiple grade levels. My educational background includes my MA in English literature and also a 120 hours certificate in Tefl (Teaching English as a foreign language). My task as an instructor is to create an atmosphere which is student oriented that fosters learning. I’m an instructor because I have a passion for guiding students through the learning process. I love my job and I get a great sense of achievement from seeing my students develop and grow as individuals. I believe that a good teacher makes a world of difference in a student’s life. So if I can make a small difference in any of my student’s life I will be grateful.

Shirley - Tba

Ms. Shirley Cynthia D’sa

I am, Mrs. Shirley Cynthia D’sa, a B.A graduate from Mumbai University with Teacher’s Training from St. Ann’s College of Education, Mangalore. I undertook teaching  10 years from now, and no scruples from then on. I have endeavoured my climb on every step and achieved each task with a humble heart. 

I am zealous about inculcating and motivating the young learners and that’s what keeps me procured everyday. Privileged to be a part of TBA family which is soaring high in the field of education, thus giving me an opportunity  to initiate and contribute towards the  growth of the Academy.