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How it works- TBA

For many parents, the prospect of leaving your child at the nursery for the first time can be daunting. Therefore, at The Bharath Academy, we give you and your child as much time as you need to feel at home. 

Before the official starting date we will invite you and your child to come and visit. This visit is not only a chance for your child to enjoy the happy anticipation of what is to come but also an opportunity for us, to learn from you, as much as we can about your child.

Elements also offers Parenting classes which involve a series of talks and sessions to assist parents with the knowledge, understanding, well being, and health required to help, encourage, and support their child in the important early years and preparation for school. 

Elements caters to children from the age of 8 months to 5.10 years. Each class has a Teacher, Class Assistant, and a maximum of 12 children.

There are five classrooms, each having mixed age groups and genders. The younger children watch and learn from the older children and therefore progress at a greater speed. The older children gain confidence through their ability to help and guide younger children. Each child learns at their own pace so no one is held back.

The children follow the Montessori curriculum starting with practical life exercises designed to develop physical control, coordination, and concentration skills. Next , they move on to materials which teach shape, color, and relative sizes, and then onto materials which prepare them for reading, writing, and number work. Reading is taught phonetically and many of the children can read simple books and do simple addition and subtraction by the time they move into primary school. 

How it works- TBA