From The Principal

As Swami Vivekananda rightly said “Education is the manifestation of perfection already existing in man”, we at The Bharath Academy bring out the potential skills of every child based on his/ her interest towards learning. The focus is to create a learning environment for the young minds, empower them to learn with confidence and freedom so as to make the educational platform enjoyable and applicable to the horizons of real life experiences. Our holistic educational approaches embedded with the best curriculum emphasizes on wide and deep clarity of concepts, creative challenges with a sense of commitment and responsibility among students.

Students are taught to have high regards towards our nation. The co- curricular choice of various skills and the principle of life skills involving ethics of kindness, respect, care, love and well mannerism contributes towards bringing out the child individual to meet the global challenges by standing out as a good and dignified human being.

The faculty – The Educators (Teachers) and the Learned ( Guest Teachers) make the learning environment creative, relaxed and interesting blended with humour and friendly approaches. The one to one approach in Math, exploring Science through experiments and observations, languages supplemented with language accelerating programmes, the systematically designed approach of Art1st curriculum and the inclusion for the national and state languages are dealt with progressive and unique approaches.  The learning is facilitated to kindle the little minds using the cognitive and kinesthetic skills.

TBA principal- Mrs Surekha

The mantra of the school being ‘ Satya, Dharma and Nishta’ is followed for meeting the mission and vision of The Bharath Academy “A world where children will Learn for their minds over marks and choose to stand out instead of fitting in.”

I am Mrs. Surekha M.H. with the qualification of B.Sc in BZC, B.Ed., M.A in English Literature and M.S. in counseling and Psychotherapy.

Education being a passion in giving the best to the students, I have spent rejoicing years as a dedicated Teacher and an able Administrator.

 The fruitful years have brought a lot of contentment and success in shaping innumerable little minds by honing the students holistically as responsible and ethical human beings. Apart from my passion of teaching, my interest as a singer, choreographer, orator, trainer and skills of native art has widely helped me share these talents among the little ones to enjoy and learn. I believe “Vidya dadati Vinayam, Vinaya dadati patratam, Patratva dhanam aapnoti, tat dhanam tat sukham”. (Education makes one humble, this humility makes one capable, these qualities and  merits brings in wealth, the contentment brings happiness)