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Blue berry hills

Yeyyadi road , Mangalore 575008

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Monday to Friday

Team TBA

Leading the Path

Dr Vindhiya pai

Dr. Vindhya Pai, MD

Managing Trustee , The Bharath Academy

”The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled”. These were the words, my grandfather Dr. TMA Pai (founder of Manipal) believed in and was the inspiration for me to get involved in the field of education.

When my family was setting up The Bharath Academy (TBA), I was of the firm conviction that we should create an environment for children to thrive. TBA is all about learning 21st-century skills. It’s about learning a concept rather than just rote memorization. We are focused on developing core skills like critical thinking, problem solving, communication and leadership qualities. I also believe that every child is unique and, with the right stimulation, they can evolve as healthy individuals ready to take on the universe in their stride.

All in all, education is a process more than an outcome. It is to this journey that we stay committed.

Dr. Vindhya is a mother to 4 young children , a Dermatologist and an Educationist.

Johnson Tellis
Advisor / Member of Governing council- TBA

Mr Johnson is committed to nurturing 100 entrepreneurial youth by the year 2026, by developing solutions that positively impact the society we live in. This vision stems out of the belief that “youth inspire youth”; 100 youth can inspire another 100, thereby inspiring a generation to build or steer organisations that prioritise Planet first, People next, and then Profits.

Mr. Johnson strongly believes in achieving this mission of building healthier, compassionate, and prosperous communities by bringing the focus back on the core essence of education ‘i.e. to contribute for the welfare of all’ in the Primary, Secondary, and Higher Education System. He believes that like imaginative minds have no boundaries, the process of educating young minds also should be without boundaries. Thoughts should be shared from every corner of our society, questioned before they are converted to our beliefs, and then implemented to bring about a positive change to create a reality that every creature cherishes.

Johnson Tellis is the director for DTLabz and SHINE. He is also the program Incharge for – Sahyadri Center for Social Innovations

Mrs Surekha M H
Principal , TBA IGCSE

A world where children will Learn for their minds over marks & choose to stand out instead of fitting in & bring out the potential skills of every child based on their interest towards learning...

Ms Anjana Kamath
Principal , TBA Elements

The role of the teacher is to be a directress, first preparing the environment and then acting as a link between the child and the materials.

Cambridge Primary School Teachers

Divya Nayak
Mrs Divya Nayak
Teacher of Cambridge Lower secondary

Interested in learning the best way to teach children how to learn and seek to hone my craft with the best research-based teaching practices...

Ms. Armita Shetty
Teacher of Cambridge Primary

Teaching to me is not just a profession but it shaped me to be a better person and a friendly mother too...

Venisa R Jathanna
Ms. Venisa R Jathanna
Teacher of Cambridge Lower secondary

with 13 years experience truly passionate about my career and always aim to share my knowledge with my students...

Ms. Savitha
Ms. Savitha Fernandes
Teacher TBA Languages (Kannada)

..enables me to help the young minds learn and grow intellectually

Ms. Karen Sunitha Correa
Ms. Karen Sunitha Correa
Teacher TBA Languages (Hindi)

...teacher, who is energetic and passionate to inspire young minds and committed to ensuring that every child achieves their potential

Ms. Manasa
Ms. Manasa
Public Relations Executive

...a Classical Dancer, a disciple of Guru Smt. Prathima Shridhar and Guru Shri Shridhara Holla , passionate about my dance career and love to teach dance to students.

Reuben Machado
Mr Reuben Machado
Teacher of TBA Music & Arts

Teaching music to kids in a fun loving way...

Ms Disha Kishan
Teacher of TBA

Believes that teaching is a chance to touch someone's life in a positive way....

Yashaswi. U.
Ms Yashaswi. U.
Teacher of TBA Lower Secondary

Passionate towards learning and aims to learn from every aspect

Lolita Rodrigues
Ms Lolita Rodrigues
Languages - Hindi

Push my self to be better everyday...

Ms Avinash Sk
TBA Physical education

Sports is my passion

Ms Remya Ajay TBA Elements
Ms. Remya Ajay
Teacher of TBA Elements

with my 4 years experience on Montessori training I believe to make a difference...

Rashmi kamath TBA Elements
Ms Rashmi kamath
Teacher of TBA Elements

every child in my class is someone's world....

Ms Payal TBA Elements
Ms Payal
Teacher of TBA Elements

working with kids a great stress buster....