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Principal’s Message TBA Elements

Anjana kamathMs Anjana Kamath

Principal – TBA Elements

Children, born pure, are natural promoters of love and peace, and the role of the parent here is unmistakable. Let me throw some light on this.

The background and early exposure of a child affects all stages of their developmental process. The first six years is the stage of the Absorbent Mind – the sponge-like capacity to absorb from the environment what is necessary to create an individual from his or her specific culture.Every parent has their own philosophy of life but may not be aware of how to bring it into practice. Montessori’s pedagogy begins with a philosophy and then provides a methodology that is influenced by it. The learning of every concept is well documented and articulated, and the adult facilitator has to be mindful of this philosophy for it to be effective in practice. It is not just a way of learning but also one that provides great clarity on why and how a pedagogy is followed . At Elements, our philosophy shapes our approach to every child.

The role of the teacher is to be a directress, first preparing the environment and then acting as a link between the child and the materials.

A team of passionate and dedicated teachers work together to provide a joyful, stimulating, safe, and nurturing environment, where children can play, explore, and experiment to become confident, inquisitive, and capable learners. Knowledgeable and dedicated Montessori teachers enable the unfolding of each child’s unique personality in a loving and family-based environment.

Parents and carers are equally valued partners in the learning journey. A school is a busy place but we pride ourselves on building strong relationships with all of the families that come to us and love sharing what we do.  We never forget that you are your child’s first educator and you have a choice about where to send your child for their continuing education.

The Elements school develops children into well rounded individuals, both personally and academically; they leave with a love of learning, enthusiastic, confident, and prepared for the primary stage of their education.

We look forward to welcoming you to Elements to experience the warmth and excitement for yourself.


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