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About Us

Leading the Path

Dr Vindhiya pai

Dr. Vindhya Pai, MD

Managing Trustee, The Bharath Academy

”The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled”. These were the words, my grandfather Dr. TMA Pai (founder of Manipal) believed in and was the inspiration for me to get involved in the field of education.

When my family was setting up The Bharath Academy (TBA), I was of the firm conviction that we should create an environment for children to thrive. TBA is all about learning 21st-century skills. It’s about learning a concept rather than just rote memorization. We are focused on developing core skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, communication and leadership qualities. I also believe that every child is unique and, with the right stimulation, they can evolve as healthy individuals ready to take on the universe in their stride.

All in all, education is a process more than an outcome. It is to this journey that we stay committed.

Dr. Vindhya is a mother to 4 young children, a Dermatologist and an Educationist.

Our Vision

A world where children will be encouraged to be free-spirited individuals with ignited minds, self-esteem and compassion who choose to stand out instead of fitting in.

Our Mission

To provide an environment which is student-centric, individualized, progressive and which focusses on holistic education.

TBA Values

Core Beliefs

While most schools are focused on grade-based outcomes and competitive teaching strategies. This Cambridge assessment International education approved Cambridge International school in mangalore encourages students to experience and learn, not study and forget. We work towards building an education system which makes your child ready to face the world with the right tools in their mind.

Primary-Cambridge Grading System

Pupil Care

We guide students to become life-long learners who don’t stop asking good questions and solving problems once the last bell rings and real life begins.

We encourage questions, not just grades; focus on learning, not just exams; and help your curious child throughout school life and beyond it.

We personalize your child’s education and focus on delivering real-world learning experience.

Our approach offers academic excellence, fosters courage, generosity, imagination and empowers your child to emerge as a leader in tomorrow’s world.


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