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TBA Cambridge IGCSE

The Cambridge IGCSE international qualification is the most sought-after for Grades 9 and 10 (14-16 year-olds). It is recognized by top universities and employers worldwide.

Cambridge IGCSE Course currently offer 70 subjects. This gives students more options than any other curriculum. TBA School offers approximately 15 subjects for students to choose. Students can also choose to study a subject on their own.

IGCSE is rigorous academically and our teachers are dedicated to helping every student achieve his/her maximum potential.

Classrooms @ TBA

Personalised attention

Ample opportunities to bring the best out in every child

Support to Students

  • To help students excel in their exams, they should follow internationally accepted practices such as benchmarking.
  • Mentoring by teachers – This is a way for students to get help in setting goals and improving their social skills. It also helps them have a positive attitude towards school and encourages positive choices.
  • From Grade 9 , Career guidance is available through the in-house Career development Cell. This helps students build their capacities for college and university life.
  • Through specially-designed leadership development programs and activities, we help our students to develop important leadership skills.
  • The Global Perspectives course allows students to participate in various community service projects throughout the year. Our students will be able to use these projects to help them see the world from multiple perspectives and find solutions.
Cambridge International School

Cambridge IGCSE are offered in 70 different subjects, giving students more choice than any other curriculum.

Our teachers are committed to helping each student strive towards achieving his/her highest potential.

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This course teaches learners understanding and skills.

  • Subject content
  • Understanding and applying knowledge to unfamiliar situations
  • Intellectual enquiry
  • Flexibility and adaptability to changes
  • English is the language for communication and working in English
  • Influencing outcomes
  • Cultural awareness.

Our curriculum and approach to teaching and learning enable our students to acquire in-depth subject knowledge, creative thinking skills, and the ability to apply their knowledge to solve problems or excel in unfamiliar situations. Our students have access to a variety of resources, including past papers, course outline, and revision tips.

We follow international best practices such as mentoring and benchmarking to support our students. Faculty and students have a close, professional relationship. This helps to improve academic success. It also encourages positive attitudes towards school, encourages positive choices, and offers guidance in setting goals and enhancing social skills.

Curriculum followed by schools globally

  • Cambridge IGCSE
  • Other curriculum

We also offer the Global Perspectives course which allows them to participate in service projects throughout the year on campus and in the wider community. Students will be able to view problems from multiple perspectives and find solutions. Students will develop important attitudes and values, including sustainability, teamwork, ethics and empathy.

Our students can further choose to continue their studies by taking Cambridge AS or A levels after they have passed the Cambridge IGCSE exam.


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