About Elements

Welcome to the Bharath Elements School – a unique Montessori and Early Years setting in the heart of Mangalore City.

We offer a distinctive group setting for children between 8 months to 6 years of age, following the Montessori approach to nurture the child within a beautiful and intelligent environment, with all the Montessori activities and materials. The skills that the children imbibe will become a part of their everyday learning as they move into school and step out into everyday life.

Our caring code – be kind and gentle, listen well, use your words – leads into all the positive qualities of life – compassion, respect for others, patience, and a love of looking outward into the world.

about elements

Our Vision

The holistic development of a child’s emotional, cognitive, and physical needs in order to build a solid and broad foundation for their lifelong journey and well-being.

Our Goal

  • Every child is different; it is this individual difference that enriches our experiences and our lives and brings forth not one but many unique personalities.
  • We would like to travel with each child, holding his or her hand when necessary; allowing individual learning and discovery; with the assurance that support is available.
  • At Elements we help children find harmony within themselves; then they are harmony with the world around them.

Our Aims